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Portrait of the artist

Alexis Mérodack-Jeanneau


  • As a painter he was member of the “Salon des Indépendants” from 1896-1914 and exhibited there
  • At the end of 1904 he exhibited three paintings at the “Salon d’Automne
  • Although an important representative of Fauvism, he is almost forgotten because of his early death
  • As a publicist he works for magazines such as “Les Partisans”, “La revue verlainienne” and “Editions de la Maison d’art”.
  • From 1904 to 1914 he edited the magazine ” Les tendances nouvelles ” and supported artists like Kandinsky, Feininger, Archipenko, Cézanne and Rousseau with exhibitions and publications



  • “La femme au plat d’oranges”, 1910/12
    (1969 exhibited by Galerie Jan Krugier)
  • “La danseuse”, 1906/10
    (1969 exhibited by Galerie Jan Krugier)