« For me it is not short-term speculation that comes first but an investment strategy tailored to your needs. »

Elmar Schneider, Senior Partner

« The good is the enemy of the better. »

Jürg Brauchli, Chairman of the Board

« When markets are turbulent, cool heads are required to make faresighted decisions. That is how we create added value for our clients. »

Christoph Eggenberger, Senior Partner

« People who know one another are better able to get on with one another. This is the numer one priority for joint success. »

Martin Jilecek, Senior Partner

« Client satisfaction is our goal; our sole obligation is to our clients. »

Andreas Schnetzer, Senior Partner

«Common values unite and
create trust.
Trust is the basis for successful cooperation.»

Bruno Weder, Senior Partner


Introducing Consensus Partner

Consensus Partner AG is an independent asset management company based in St. Gallen, which was founded in October 2000. Today Consensus Partner has offices in St. Gallen, Rapperswil-Jona and Vaduz.

The proprietors and their fellow partners advise a variety of mandates worth several CHF 100 millions. A strategic collaborative arrangement with legal and community consultants RGB [Rechts- und Gemeindeberatung] Gossau extends the range of skills we are able to offer.

We belong to the self-regulating organisation PolyReg, and in 2009 we voluntarily placed ourselves under the professional regulations governing asset management.



Our name, Consensus Partners, implies both mutual agreement and cooperation. Only if the long-term interests of both parties coincide can satisfaction prevail.

Our many years of experience in asset management and cooperation with exclusive specialists enable us to provide our clients with individual and personal service.



In providing our asset management services, we are completely independent and therefore committed only to the interests of our clients. The choice of our investment recommendations is based exclusively on independent valuations.

Consensus Partner continues to grow with new location in Rapperswil

September 2020

As one of the largest independent asset managers in Eastern Switzerland, we have opened a new branch on Lake Zurich.

Since the end of August we have been operating with a branch in Rapperswil-Jona. Martin Jilecek and Andreas Schnetzer are responsible for the location. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity with the new location to accompany our clients in the Lake Zurich region even closer”, explains Jürg Brauchli, Chairman of the Board of Consensus Partner AG.