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« For me it is not short-term speculation that comes first but an investment strategy tailored to your needs. »

Elmar Schneider, Senior Partner


« The good is the enemy of the better. »

Jürg Brauchli, Chairman of the Board


« When markets are turbulent, cool heads are required to make faresighted decisions. That is how we create added value for our clients. »

Christoph Eggenberger, Senior Partner


« People who know one another are better able to get on with one another. This is the numer one priority for joint success. »

Martin Jilecek, Senior Partner


« Client satisfaction is our goal; our sole obligation is to our clients. »

Andreas Schnetzer, Senior Partner


«Common values unite and
create trust.
Trust is the basis for successful cooperation.»

Bruno Weder, Senior Partner


Comprehensive financial advice
Check-up of your overall financial situation and neutral comparison of different market players
Asset management and investment advice
Estate and inheritance planning
Pensionfund analysis
Investment bulletin

Comprehensive advice

Our general practice is to look holistically at your overall situation in order to gain an understanding of all aspects of it (yield, risk, taxes, family considerations, aspirations, etc.). You will then be free to choose from a range of detailed options. In principle, we only do what we know we are good at; for everything else, we call in further experts – as and when required.

Our skills

By “our skills” we mean not only the top-class level of education and training displayed by all our partners; quite as important, we believe, are experience of life and the knowledge gained through thousands of client consultations.

Individual solutions

Our size and staff make-up to be able to present you with individual, tailor-made solutions.

Our approach

Asset management is not an occult science, nor do asset managers have a crystal ball.
It and they depend on clear-sighted analysis, long-term thinking, independence, and a little bit of luck.

In conjunction with experts

Relocating in or to Switzerland
Art as investment
Real estate

In addition

We also help clients with buying watches, booking a hotel room, looking for a flat for their student daughter, or seeking a neutral opinion in family matters.


Our fee models are transparent and easy to understand. For instance, we offer models with individual fees, inclusive fees, or success fees, taking into account any bank discounts or refunds effective at the time. For one-off consultations, we use the hourly rates current in the industry.



Socially minded and competent

People have certain strengths and weaknesses from the time of their birth, and in later life they occasionally feel unsure of themselves in financial affairs too, needing professional support and the security provided by a guardianship. In regard to managing the assets of persons placed under guardianship, we are the recommended expert of East Switzerland’s leading advisory firm, RGB / Rechts- und Gemeindeberatung of Gossau. Together with them we enjoy guardianship status.

Our approach

Each situation is different, so we start by holding intensive discussions with everyone involved, including the relevant expert bodies. We accept mandates only with the consent of all parties.