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Product information sheets

(in german)

ISIN VALOR Produktname Downloads
CH1156458940 115645894 Vontobel 14% BRC auf, Meta Platforms, Netflix (Quanto CHF) ➔ PDF
CH1156458957 115645895 Vontobel 15.9% BRC auf, Meta Platforms, Netflix ➔ PDF
CH1166208566 116620856 Vontobel 17.50% BRC auf AMD, Applied Materials, Micron Technology (Quanto CHF) ➔ PDF
CH1163308963 116330896 Vontobel Short Mini-Future auf EURO STOXX 50 Index ➔ PDF
CH1153167676 115316767 Vontobel Short Mini-Future auf EURO STOXX 50 Index ➔ PDF
CH1156434982 115643498 Vontobel 4.48% BRC auf Helvetia Holding AG ➔ PDF
CH1117656616 111765661 Vontobel 5.25% BRC auf Allianz, AXA, Helvetia, Zurich Insurance (Quanto CHF) ➔ PDF
CH0352883505 35288350 Vontobel Faktor-Zertifikat auf den 10x short Index linked to Bund Future ➔ PDF
CH0017043958 1704395 UBS (CH) Equity Fund - Swiss Income ➔ PDF
CH0014420886 1442088 UBS (CH) Property Fund - Swiss Commercial "Swissreal" ➔ PDF
CH0026465366 2646536 UBS (CH) Property Fund - Direct Residential ➔ PDF
CH0014420829 1442082 UBS (CH) Property Fund - Swiss Residential "Anfos" ➔ PDF
CH0014420878 1442087 UBS (CH) Property Fund - Swiss Mixed "Sima" ➔ PDF
CH0105994401 10599440 UBS ETF (CH) - SXI Real Estate Funds (CHF) A-dis ➔ PDF
LU1273488475 30068714 UBS (LUX) Fund Solutions - MSCI Japan Socially Responsible UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
LU1048314949 24019996 UBS (LUX) Fund Solutions - Bloomberg US Liquid Corporates 1-5 Year UCITS ETF PDF
CH0589946828 58994682 UBS Call Optionsschein bezogen auf Swiss Re PDF
CH1147777259 114777725 UBS Call Optionsschein bezogen auf Roche PDF
CH1147770932 114777093 UBS Call Optionsschein bezogen auf Novartis PDF
CH1147771195 114777119 UBS Call Optionsschein bezogen auf Roche ➔ PDF
CH1235307522 123530752 UBS Portfolio-Zertifikat bezogen auf Swiss Portfolio ➔ PDF
CH0131872431 13187243 UBS ETF (CH) - SPI (CHF) A-dis PDF
CH0139101601 13910160 ZKB Gold ETF AAH CHF ➔ PDF
CH0183136057 18313605 ZKB Platinum ETF AA CHF ➔ PDF
CH0183135976 18313597 ZKB Silver ETF AA CHF PDF
CH0183136024 18313602 ZKB Silver ETF AAH CHF PDF
CH0183136065 18313606 ZKB Palladium ETF AA CHF PDF
CH1132882676 113288267 ZKB 6% BRC auf Nestlé, Swiss Life, Givaudan ➔ PDF
CH0521604923 52160492 Leonteq Open-End Tracker Zertifikat in USD auf Swissquote Multi Crypto Index ➔ PDF
CH0594783562 59478356 Leonteq 9% BRC auf Infineon ➔ PDF
CH1186544545 118654454 Leonteq 14.5% BRC auf Anglogold Ashanti ADR, Barrick Gold, Newcrest Mining (Quanto CHF) ➔ PDF
CH1129854563 112985456 Leonteq Open End Tracker-Zertifikat auf Dogecoin ➔ PDF
CH0596609419 59660941 Leonteq Open End Tracker-Zertifikat auf Cardano ➔ PDF
CH1143298573 114329857 Leonteq Open End Tracker-Zertifikat auf Ethereum ➔ PDF
CH1117654405 111765440 Vontobel Open End Tracker-Zertifikat auf den ICE ECX EUA Future ➔ PDF
CH1117652904 111765290 Vontobel 4.00% BRC auf Roche ➔ PDF
CH1163090355 116309035 Julius Bär 8.15% BRC auf RWE AG ➔ PDF
CH1170677442 117067744 Julius Bär 8.30% BRC auf AXA SA ➔ PDF
CH1170681121 117068112 Julius Bär 6.65% BRC auf Stadler Rail AG PDF
CH1196746437 119674643 Julius Bär 14.30% BRC auf Holcim, SIKA, ABB PDF
CH1112501387 111250138 Julius Bär 4.50% BRC auf Roche Holding AG PDF
CH1224529268 122452926 Julius Bär 9.60% BRC auf SFS Group AG ➔ PDF
CH1170681147 117068114 Julius Bär 8.55% BRC auf Geberit AG ➔ PDF
CH1184486103 118448610 Julius Bär 7.20% BRC auf BKW AG ➔ PDF
CH1184491244 118449124 Julius Bär 7.00% BRC auf Roche Holding AG ➔ PDF
CH1188227917 118822791 Julius Bär 7.70% BRC auf Roche Holding AG ➔ PDF
CH1196746676 119674667 Julius Bär 13.35% BRC auf Ems-Chemie Holding AG, Lonza Group AG, Sika AG ➔ PDF
LU1643692699 37377692 Konwave Gold Equity Fund PDF
CH1117196001 111719600 Swisscanto (CH) Index Bond Fund Corp. CHF Responsible FA CHF PDF
CH0588787710 58878771 Raiffeisen 7.25% BRC auf Allianz, Axa, Swiss Life, Zurich (Quanto CHF) PDF
CH1182621826 118262182 Raiffeisen 13.5% BRC auf Richemont, Logitech, Partners Group PDF
CH1221559193 122155919 Raiffeisen Capped Bonus-Zertifikat in CHF bezogen auf Sonova PDF
CH0225182309 22518230 Raiffeisen Futura Immo Fonds PDF
CH1193243727 119324372 Raiffeisen 8.00 % BRC auf ABB, Sika, Swisscom ➔ PDF
CH1149493608 114949360 Credit Suisse 8% BRC auf Holcim, Schindler, SIKA PDF
CH0019852802 1985280 iShares SMIM ETF (CH) ➔ PDF
IE00B4K48X80 10608355 iShares Core MSCI Europe UCITS ETF EUR PDF
IE00B4L5YC18 10608402 iShares MSCI EM UCITS ETF USD ➔ PDF
IE00B88DZ566 19328353 iShares S&P 500 CHF Hedged UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
IE00B8J37J31 19328344 iShares MSCI Japan CHF Hedged UCITS ETF PDF
IE00B6R52143 13936193 iShares Agribusiness UCITS ETF PDF
DE0002635307 1814262 iShares STOXX Europe 600 UCITS ETF PDF
IE00B652H904 14423164 iShares EM Dividend UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
IE00BDFBTQ78 41125207 VanEck Global Mining UCITS ETF PDF
IE0032077012 1527010 Invesco EQQQ NASDAQ-100 UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
LU0075056555 620823 BlackRock World Mining Fund PDF
CH0001234068 123406 J. Safra Sarasin SaraSelect P CHF ➔ PDF
LU0322253906 3614480 Xtrackers MSCI Europe Small Cap UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
LU1220099714 27884115 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Partners CHF-Hedged ➔ PDF
CH0399416673 39941667 ZKB Tracker-Zertifikat dynamisch auf einen China Basket ➔ PDF
CH0506568325 50656832 ZKB Tracker-Zertifikat dynamisch auf einen US Basket ➔ PDF
CH0566796477 56679647 ZKB Tracker-Zertifikat dynamisch auf einen EU Basket (ex Schweiz) ➔ PDF
CH1231067047 123106704 UBS Portfolio-Zertifikat bezogen auf Energieträger der Zukunft Portfolio ➔ PDF
CH1117366661 111736666 UBS Capped-Airbag-Zertifikat auf Volkswagen VZ ➔ PDF
CH1143784887 114378488 BKB 9.2% BRC auf Givaudan, Logitech, SIG ➔ PDF
CH1143787815 114378781 BKB 10% BRC auf Georg Fischer, Straumann, VAT Group ➔ PDF
CH1225280705 122528070 BKB 12.18% BRC auf Lonza, Novartis, Roche ➔ PDF
CH1178544842 117854484 BCV 12% BRC auf Alcon, Novartis, Straumann ➔ PDF
CH1180508314 118050831 BCV 9.2% BRC auf Nestlé, Novartis, Roche PDF
CH1211982660 121198266 BCV 14.5% BRC auf Credit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, ING Groep (Quanto CHF) PDF
CH1211982678 121198267 BCV 15.4% BRC auf Credit Agricole, Deutsche Bank, ING Groep ➔ PDF
CH1235907362 123590736 BCV 12.55% BRC auf UBS Group AG, Swisscom AG, Nestlé SA ➔ PDF
CH1149493137 114949313 CS 10% BRC auf Swatch Group AG, Lonza Group AG, UBS Group AG ➔ PDF
CH1181302089 118130208 LUKB 15.45% BRC auf E.ON, Veolia Environnement, Enel (Quanto CHF) PDF
CH1121317072 112131707 LUKB 12.88% BRC auf Sonova, Logitech, ABB ➔ PDF
CH1181309340 118130934 LUKB 13.00% BRC auf Danone, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Unilever (Quanto CHF) ➔ PDF
CH1181309357 118130935 LUKB 14.30% BRC auf Danone, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Unilever ➔ PDF
CH1181313235 118131323 LUKB 13.44% MBRC auf Verizon Communications, Vodafone, AT&T ➔ PDF
CH0587345288 58734528 Cornèr Bank 9.8% BRC auf Swiss Life, Swiss Re, Zurich Insurance ➔ PDF
IE00B48X4842 12931530 State Street SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
IE00BCBJG560 22178032 State Street SPDR MSCI World Small Cap UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
IE00BFY0GT14 46170158 State Street SPDR MSCI World UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
IE00BYTRR863 30782159 State Street SPDR MSCI World Energy UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
CH0002772561 277256 Aberdeen Standard (Swiss) Funds Global High Tech Equity Fund PDF
IE00B3VVMM84 18575472 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
IE00B5KQNG97 11307112 HSBC S&P 500 UCITS ETF ➔ PDF
LU0318941159 3496748 Fidelity Funds Sustainable Asia Equity Fund ➔ PDF
EUREX Aktien Call Long Aktien-Kaufoption Long-Position ➔ PDF
EUREX Aktien Call Short Aktien-Kaufoption Short-Position ➔ PDF
EUREX Aktien Put Long Aktien-Verkaufsoption Long-Position ➔ PDF
EUREX Aktien Put Short Aktien-Verkaufsoption Short-Position ➔ PDF
EUREX Aktienindex Call Long Aktienindex-Kaufoption Long-Position ➔ PDF
EUREX Aktienindex Call Short Aktienindex-Kaufoption Short-Position ➔ PDF
EUREX Aktienindex Put Long Aktienindex-Verkaufsoption Long-Position PDF
EUREX Aktienindex Put Short Aktienindex-Verkaufsoption Short-Position PDF


Here you will find legal information regarding the content of the CONSENSUS PARTNER AG website.

Area of application

This information and rules of use refer to the website as well as to other websites that refer to (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Portal”). They are managed by the legal or natural person listed in the imprint of the portal (hereinafter referred to as “operator”). Special regulations are expressly reserved in the respective portal as well as on other websites of legal entities of CONSENSUS PARTNER AG.

The information as well as the rules of use may change at any time. The changes are binding.

Intellectual property and other rights

Subject to other regulations, the operator is the owner of the portal. All trademarks, names, titles, logos, images, designs, texts and other materials used on it belong to a legal entity of CONSENSUS PARTNER AG or a contractual partner of the same. No rights (rights of use, intellectual property rights etc.) are acquired by calling up, downloading or copying pages. The (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the portal for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written consent.


The operator excludes any liability (including negligence) that could result from access or impossible access to the portal or individual elements thereof and from its use. The access to the portal and its use as well as the backup or archiving of the transmitted data are not guaranteed.

The portal contains links to third party websites. These sites are not operated or monitored by the operator. The Operator declines any responsibility for the content and compliance with the legal data protection regulations by the operators of linked sites.

Data transmission via the Internet

The Internet is an open network accessible to everyone and is therefore not generally considered a secure environment. Although the individual data packets are generally transmitted in encrypted form, this does not apply to the sender and the recipient. Furthermore, it is possible that data may be transferred abroad and thus possibly to a country with a lower level of data protection than Switzerland, even if both sender and recipient are located in Switzerland. The operator excludes all liability for the security of data during its transmission via the Internet.


Newsletters are only sent to customers at their express request. Newsletter subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Information on this can be found on the corresponding newsletters.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

Prices and availability of products

The operator endeavours to keep product labelling (ingredients, nutritional values, allergy information, country of production, etc.) and any price information on the portal up to date, but cannot guarantee this. In particular in the event of changes to the product, change of supplier, etc., it may happen that different variants of the same product (e.g. different countries of production, manufacturer, recipe) are offered simultaneously in the branches / online shops. On the portal, however, the operator usually limits himself to the specification of one variant for reasons of practicability. When making a purchase, therefore, always pay attention to the labelling on the actual product or packaging and any enclosures. These take precedence over the information on the portal and other websites

All prices are quoted (subject to other indications) net in Swiss Francs (CHF) including VAT.


Last update: February 2020